Arizona Social Media Consultant Social Power ClusterThe social power cluster is a great new name for your blog, twitter, YouTube channel, and Facebook Fan Page.  If you have a small business you will want a web presence on all of these social media platforms and blend them all together. The following are a few tips for benefiting from your Social Power Cluster.

#1 – Your Business Blog – Your small business should have a blog. (I recommend wordpress. You can get hosting for your domain name… I recommend HostGator and install wordpress on your server, choose a wordpress theme and start building your blog) This is the hub of your social power cluster. This is where you will drive potential customers and clients. You will want to post at least twice a week to your blog to keep it active. These posts can be articles or videos. Always direct people from your twitter and Facebook fan page to read more on your blog.

#2 – Twitter – On twitter you can post up to five times a day, but for the sake of your business I recommend at least once a day and try to post at the same time each day. Remember these tweets don’t always have to be about your business, they can be other helpful information related to your industry. Make sure to fill out your profile completely to include your website or blog URL to drive traffic back to your main hub.

Whenever you do a blog post or a video upload on YouTube make sure to do at least one tweet about it. You can even do a couple tweets throughout the week at different times of the day because different people will be on twitter at different times each day. Also remember to upload a background to your profile to brand your twitter account with your small business.

#3 – YouTube Channel – When creating a YouTube account you will want to complete all the profile information along with tags, photo/image, background image (which matches your twitter and Facebook Fan page), website address, and other important information. People love online video. So you can create short videos answering Frequently Asked Questions – these videos can be between 30 seconds to a couple minutes long. You can give helpful information about your products and/or services, tours of your business, or any other content you would like to engage your group of followers.

Always post your new videos to your blog as well as announce them on your twitter and FB fan page. Use your keywords at the beginning of your video title as well as in the tags. Also begin your description of the video with your URL (website address) Make sure to include http:// so it becomes clickable in the description.

#4 – Facebook Fan Page – When creating a Facebook Fan Page for your business use your business name in the title of the page. Your first goal is to get 25 people to like your page so you can request a vanity URL from Facebook. This vanity URL you will want to use your business name so people can type in . You will also want to add all your information about your business. You can add special tabs like for video and upload all your online videos here or a tab to import your blog. It is recommended that you post up to twice a day on Facebook. I would recommend at least once a day and a maximum of twice a day. If you post once a day you are keeping your brand in front of your potential clients/customers.

I hope you have found this article about the Social Power Cluster helpful. Please leave your comments and questions below.