Social Media Consultant - Tips on Twitter for Small BusinessesUsing a twitter account for your small business is a great way to connect with customers/clients. It is important to have a twitter account and meet your customer where they “hang-out”. Below are some tips for your small business twitter account.

Creating an Account – When creating a twitter account for your small business you will want to choose a twitter handle (name) that your customers will recognize. You will want to enter in your website address that you want to drive traffic to and a brief description of your business using both keywords and your location. You will also want to have a background that matches your website and your other social media platforms for your small business. This way when people navigate from your twitter, to your Facebook, to your YouTube channel, and to your website; they recognize that they are still connected with you based on graphics and colors.
How Often to Post & What to Talk About – On your twitter account you will want to post at least 3 times a day and up to 18 times a day. You can post once an hour and twitter followers will not get irritated by the number of updates you are making like they would on Facebook. You will want to post at regular times throughout the day so people get used to seeing your brand at those times each day. You will want to talk about news related to your industry, local events, and ask questions of your followers. This is a great way to get feedback about your products and services from your followers. Daily quotes and tips are also welcome. Use a social media marketing calendar to schedule your tweets throughout the week. You can use to schedule your upcoming tweets.

Build Your Tribe – You will want to follow people in your local area and people in your industry. You can find people on and follow them. You can set up an automatic direct message to be sent to people when they follow your small business on twitter, use for auto DM’s. And you can also automatically follow people who follow you, also with All of this will help you build your tribe of followers and customers.

I hope you found these few tips on Twitter for your small business helpful. Please leave any comments below. If you have any questions about using twitter for your small business please let me know, I would be happy to answer them for you. Just e-mail me at