Social Media Assistant Facebook is like a “Coffee Shop” while Google is like the “Yellow Pages”. Nobody goes to Facebook to “buy your stuff”. Your mission when getting started with Facebook ads is to create relevant, appealing ads. One thing with Facebook Ads is everyone gets to “vote” on your ads. So, you want to make sure not to offend or miss lead anyone or your ads will be taken down by Facebook. here are a couple steps and helpful tips to making a great Facebook Ad.

Step #1 – Ad Creation

To begin creating your Facebook Ad, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click on Advertising. Then follow the steps to create your ad.

Your ad must engage users without being too slick or using too many regular marketing techniques. Never use fear base techniques in your Facebook ads. Think of it as if you were telling a friend about a movie or a product that you like.

Great Images Make Great Facebook Ads

Select a great image for your ad but make sure it is relevant to what you are promoting. A good color contrast in your image is extremely important. Make sure the image will stand out on the page. You don’t want them to blend in with the Facebook blue color, so colors like yellow and green are good choices as they will stand out. Also, some people will use an ugly image to get their ad noticed. Make sure you only use one dominate image in your ad. An ad that has multiple, smaller images will not get as many people to engage.

Button in Image

A great technique is adding a “Click Here” button at the bottom of your image. You can use other words on the button such as “Free Trial” to get people to click on your ads. This technique has been proven to be very effective because internet users are so used to clicking on buttons.

Words in Image

You can get more text in your ad if you add words in your ad image.

Step #2 – Targeting

First, you can target viewers of your facebook ad by location and radius to the location. This is extremely important to local small businesses. Second, you can target by demographics like male or female or age. You may wish to have on ad for men and one for woman or even separate ads for different age groups. Third, you can target via likes and interests. Facebook makes it easy to target facebook users by their facebook likes and interest. This can be very helpful for your small business especially if you know what your target customers like and are interested in. Another way to target your ad is by Connections. This is a way to target users that like your competition and are already connected with them. Using the Advanced Demographics you can target users by doing Birthday targeting. 1 million Facebook users a day have their birthday! And the final way to target viewers of your ads is by Education and Work.

Targeting #1 Rule of Thumb is to  keep your ad campaigns tightly grouped.

  • If your CTR drops below.1% tighten your targeting
  • Begin with a daily budget of $20-$30
  • Use the Ad scheduling times when your potential customers/clients will be using Facebook. Generally, during business hours or evening. Most ad fraud occurs overnight so don’t have your ads run during this time to avoid click fraud.
  • Always select Pay per Click versus Pay per Impression.
  • Set your maximum bid 2 – 4 cents higher than Facebook’s suggested minimum bid and do not bid in round numbers (Bid 52 cents versus 55 cents)
  • Check  back in 2 to 3 days after your ad has begun and see if the minimum suggested bid has dropped (it normally does), then reduce your maximum bid to 2 – 4 cents higher than the new suggested minimum bid price.
  • An ad that is directed to an internal Facebook page (such as your Facebook business page) is cheaper per click than if your ad directs viewers to an external Facebook page (such as your Company Website).
  • Rotate ad images every 7 to 10 days to keep your CTR up!

If you have any questions or comments please let me know below.