Arizona Social Media - New Year Resolutions for Small Businesses   This is the time of the year when people are making plans and goals (both personal and business) for the upcoming year. You may have been laying out some plans to use social media marketing more in your small business in 2011. Here are some New Year’s Resolutions that some small business owners have for using social media marketing to help bring in more customers and clients to their storefront.

  1.   1. Blog – If you do not have a blog already, many small business owners are planning on starting one in 2011. A blog for your small business is like the hub of your social media efforts. You can direct all you fans and followers to article posts on your blog. Many small businesses are posting helpful articles and videos on their blogs. Remember to try to make two high quality blog posts a week. It is also important to have a “Call to Action” on your blog to engage potential customers to either call, stop by your business, or get on an e-mail mailing list.
  2. YouTube Channel – Speaking of video, many business owners know that video will help them connect with their followers. You can make short videos about FAQ’s about your products and/or services, give helpful tips, or even tutorials on product use.
  3. Facebook and Twitter – Most small businesses have the resolution of being more consistent posting to Facebook and Twitter. As a business it is recommended to post no more than twice a day on Facebook and up to five times a day on Twitter. You can make posts about articles, videos, sales, and helpful information about your town or industry. Also ask questions to your fans and followers to engage them. People love to give their opinions.
  4. E-mail & Mobile Marketing – Many people may think that e-mail marketing is dead but according to trends for 2011 it is going to make a comeback and be very useful this year. The key is to provide helpful, useful content and not e-mail too much (not more than once a week) Even if you publish a newsletter once or twice a month, this can be a great way to stay connected with customers. You can even have people sign up for your list via text messaging by texting their name and e-mail to a phone number you provide. This way you can collect their name, e-mail, and phone number to use for your e-mail and mobile marketing campaigns. Many brick and mortar businesses also have an e-mail newsletter sign-up at their counter as a way of staying connected with current customers.
  5. Integrate All Social Media – Your goal as a small business owner is to turn all this social interaction into paying customers, so it is important to drive traffic to your blog and get potential customers to a “Call to Action” When you post a video on YouTube be sure to tell your Twitter followers, your Facebook Fans, and post it to your blog. When you post an article on your blog, let your Twitter followers and Facebook fans know about it.

So, as you can see, there are many social media marketing options for your small business. Begin to make a plan for using social media in your business in 2011.

If you have any questions about using social media marketing in your small business just let me know.

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