Arizona Social Media - 7 Tips for Facebook Fan Page     


         Many businesses have a Facebook fan page and are using it to connect with clients and customers. Below are a few tips to optimize your Facebook business fan page for the best possible results.



  1. Vanity URL – Of course you first goal after creating a business fan page is to get 25 fans to like your page so you can claim your vanity URL. 
  2. Welcome Tab – You should have a welcome tab that first time visitors land on when they come to your business fan page. On this welcome tab, you should encourage your visitor to click on the “like” button so they won’t miss any of your great content. You can also include a video on this tab as well. In this video, you can welcome visitors, let them know what your business is all about and what they can expect from you, and of course, encourage them to click  the ”Like” button. You will get twice as many “Likes” if you ask them to click the “like” button. 
  3. Reveal Tab – You can create a reveal tab that people will see once they “like” your page. On this tab you can have an opt-in form where they can get a special discount or a helpful report. 
  4. Graphic on Left Side of Page – This graphic can be up to 200 pix X 600 pix in size. Make sure to use all of this space and include both your company name and your website URL. Your URL will not be clickable in this image but highly visible to visitors.
  5. Box Below Graphic – In this box you can describe your business and your page. Make sure to include a link to your website as this will be clickable so visitors can visit your website directly from your Facebook fan page. This hot link is very important. 
  6. Info Tab – Make sure you fill out the info tab with as much information as possible. Remember to include many of your keywords as Facebook Business Fan pages are indexed by Google. 
  7. Post Often and Engage – You will want to post regularly to your fan page and engage your fans by asking questions, running promotions and contests. You want to build a community on your page. You can do this by asking questions, listening, and encourage opinions and feedback

 So, as you can see, by using these 7 tips to optimize your Facebook Business fan page you will be well on your way to creating a great page along with a tribe of followers for your business.