Social Media Assistant     Companies love to plan but they are not planning when it comes to social media. The 3 huge mistakes companies are making in social media are:

     1. No consistent plan for creating digital and social content – Your small business needs to have a plan for creating and distributing content via social media. The main key here is to be consistent!

     2. No engagement plan for when people react to your content – 

So have a plan in place for engagement.  Who is going to speak on behalf of the company?  Should you be proactive or reactive?  Are their guidelines for engagement?  Do you have rules for responding on your Facebook page?  How do comments work on the company blog?  What is your follow strategy for Twitter?

All of this needs to be considered ahead of time.  It needs to be policy.

3. No social ownership – Too many businesses have their social media fragmented.  IT owns the web site.  Marketing has blogging.  Corporate communications is running the Twitter feed.  Product marketing is putting videos on YouTube.  It’s a jumble of confusion with no consistent look and feel and inconsistent messaging.  Sometimes the companies doesn’t even know all of the channels it has open.

Someone needs to have set the overall strategy.  Someone needs to be the glue that holds all the disparate channels together.

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